Nacho night, that gloriously cheesy (I mean that literally) night of making our own nachos and then consuming them greedily while watching cheesy TV, has changed. Usually nachos are a necessary accompaniment to the cheesy drama of the new 90210. However, recently we’ve been mixing it up. It all started when A. was tired from her trip to Napa and wanted to hang out but didn’t want to cook beans or make nachos. It’s her house so it’s her call. We decided to pick up takeout and the only thing we all wanted was pho. It was great. We poured all the ingredients into big bowls and then added the broth, which comes in a separate plastic container. Mung bean sprouts, lemon basil, fried tofu, jalapeno slices, lime, plum sauce and sriracha.

This week we opted for the pho again. And thus, a new name for the night was born. Kinda catchy, isn’t it?

Oh, btw- update: No-Drama Adriana– so much drama! The bitchy one that I love: tries to incite a strike at the school paper and the stalky guy might kill himself. Not a moment too soon. Creepy little drug dealer.