Hello! I just finished reading my book for class tonight. If you ever get to take an English class that’s not required may I recommend one where the books are written for children? It makes the required reading so much more fun than say, having to tackle Derrida. I read Treasure Island.

Sadly, Robert Louis Stevenson did not have the benefit of seeing Johnny Depp’s seminal portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow, otherwise I am sure a character would have been written for him. Regardless of that oversight, the book was full! of! adventure! and I can certainly see how it might have set young boys to dreaming of sailing ships, and sealing wax, and cabbages and kings (oh wait, that was from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland the book we read right before this one).

I also just finished a delicious breakfast prepared for me by Ennis. Since introducing him to TJ’s he’s even gone so far as to make a trip there himself. On the bus. To Old Town. Remember how much he complained about the one time he went there around Christmas to get you a gift card? Complete 180. Part of it is their amazing customer service. Not only did someone open a cash register while he was in line they also CARRIED HIS BASKET TO THE REGISTER FOR HIM. Try getting that done at Whole Foods or Harris Teeter.
He also likes the fact that their store brand product is all preservative / artificial color free. Doesn’t that sound like a sentence I’d say, not him?

Anyway, we’ve solved the “fighting after my night class ends” problem we’ve been having. That was what this post was supposed to be about, I got distracted. From now on, I have to help fix dinner. Give me a task and I will shut up long enough to not overwhelm a person at 11:30pm. This is what we made:

  1. Sugar Peas that when unfrozen tasted so delicious they almost didn’t make it onto the plate
  2. Rice Pilaf with the turkey broth I’d made and frozen ages ago
  3. Tuna filet stuffed with Spinach Florentine
  4. French Bread
  5. white wine 
All of it, except the rice and broth came from our new favorite store. The colors look a bit faded, but it’s because they were taken with the iPhone.