Life Lists


Take a road trip across the country. Stay in an ice hotel. See the sunrise in every country I visit. Swim in the sea in a Scandinavian country. Visit Petra, Jordan. Make a Morris Louis inspired painting. Grow vegetables to feed my family. Write a novel. Be conversant in German. Stand inside the Taj Mahal. Ride a camel in the desert (or really, any animal in the desert). Visit Morocco. Host a dinner party in an orchard. Visit PEI. Set off sky lanterns for either an anniversary or a birthday. Eat at and review 25 food trucks in Austin. Get a dog. Build or renovate a house. Have a flower garden. Create my dream kitchen. Get pregnant. Raise creative, compassionate, curious children. Remove money as a concern. Have a porch swing that gets used on summer evenings. WWOOF with my sisters in at least two other continents. Publish my writing. Participate in and complete National November Novel Writing Month. Have a soaking tub. Live an active life. See the northern lights. Go to Alaska. Visit New Zealand. Have natural childbirth. Get a PhD. Eat fresh pasta in Italy. Flower bomb a dead urban space. Take a train in Europe. Redesign the blog. Have a home that is a beautiful cocoon.


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