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Bechamel. Bechamel. Bea-chaaaa-mell. I just like saying the word. Almost as much as I liked eating it last night on top of some lobster ravioli I got from TJ’s. I know, none of those things appeal to you. But they appeal to me. So please pardon them.
Another reason I loved this meal is because it looked like a picture from a magazine. The ravioli is yellow-orange. The bea-chaa-mell is white. And then I topped it with pepper and tarragon. It looked beautiful even though it was in my (brand new!) box from IKEA that I’ve been transporting my lunch in. Actually, this was my dinner. I ate it during class on Wednesday. Best food that ever came out of tupperware in my life.
It wasn’t hard to make either. I can forsee myself doing this more frequently.

I just had some more of it for lunch. It was still good.