Apologies for the absence! I’ve been moving into Ian’s place and starting school as well as working at Harry’s Taproom. I’m teaching three different classes this semester, only two of which I am already familiar with, so there is a lot of preparation I’m struggling to do for all three. Anyway, you don’t care about my workplace, do you? You just care about food. Good girl. I feel the same way. And so, I have prepared a little photo album of our past month (sheesh! I had no idea it would go by so quickly!) at the Calvert.

One of our first meals together was a roast chicken. Stuffed with rosemary from my old townhouse. I’m going to miss that rosemary bush. We also had potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions and carrots all roasted in the Dutch oven with the chicken. I know you don’t eat things cooked in chicken broth but oh Lordy were those sweet potatoes delicious and melting. They tasted unlike any sweet potatoes I’ve ever had, and that’s saying something because I love them already.

I used the left over chicken to make chicken salad and the potatoes and onions as the base for this potato soup. Perfect for those chilly nights that are soon to come.

We had chicken again another week when our friend stopped by. Ian is responsible for this chicken. He broke it down, breaded it and fried it in the Dutch oven just like last time.

End of the meal stretching was required for some. 
A late night off of work required a quick but nutritious meal. This is polenta, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, a little bit of salami and sauteed spinach on top. It was really good and so filling that Ian had to finish mine off for me. No complaints.