Dear Meredyth,

Last week I would have answered, there is no such thing as ‘too many mangoes’. I was proved wrong in the last three days; there is such a thing, the exact number is uncertain but two mangoes with lunch + another mango after dinner = gastrointestinal problems at breakfast.

I feel spoiled when I talk about this problem, if there was an African version of White Whine complaints, this would be on it. Not only is it mango season, that alone is wondrous, but grapes, pears, and really red tomatoes are everywhere!

I went to town this last weekend and found a bounty of grapes and mangoes at the vendors at the bus station. What better travel snack for my many hours long ride, crammed in like sardines, with every window closed (lord knows the fresh air from an open window would give us all the flu)? So I got myself a bag of grapes and two mangoes, feeling like a kid who just left the candy store I squeezed myself on the minibus and settled in for the long ride.

Well things were all well enough for a while. I think you are familiar with my fruit eating habits, I eat it until its all gone. The second half of the trip was far less comfortable.

Thought I would have learned my lesson? Wrong again, dear sister. When I finally got to town, (got some more solid foods in my belly) I started my grocery shopping. Behold, there were mangoes on sale! 5 pula each (~$0.75); that’s a steal! Since mango season is so short I decided to stock up while they were good. I got seven to take home, cut ‘em up and freeze them for cold delicious treats later.

Excellent plan, right? Well yes and no. I do have two sandwich bags full of chopped frozen mango. The bad news is that it’s only six mangoes.

I was too tired to be a real adult last night and cook myself dinner; instead I popped a family size bowl of popcorn and sliced up a mango. Have I digressed completely to a college boy’s cooking? In my defense popcorn is a whole grain, I used olive oil to cook it (really, really good idea) and mango is a fruit! I guess the bottom line is that my dinner caused me significant pain this morning.

One day I will grow up, I promise. Right now however, I want to keep over dosing on mango.

With all my love and a mango belly,