Our other moving option

This is the text of an email I sent to Ian about our choices in the impending move to Austin: 

Hello, since I won’t get to see you for a while I thought I’d email you and let you know what I learned while researching the wonderful world of moving options.

1. Budget Rental is no budget. It was more expensive than UHaul. And that does not include fuel.
(Then we thought about movable containers, where we pack everything and they ship it for us. This would avoid the need for us to drive the moving truck, tow my car and navigate things like off ramps, parking, height restrictions and the overall feeling that the car has become dislodged and is drifting aimlessly through traffic. It would also save on fuel costs, which would probably be in the range of $500.)
2.  PODS has awful reviews. Very few were positive, most involved sludge, smells or water that somehow got into the “secure” pods. Plus, they are more expensive than Budget, coming in around 2,690. No thank you.
3. Next I researched Door to Door. Better reviews, not much better prices: $2078
4. Some other locations want me to call them to get a quote. I hate calling when you should be able to do this online in 2011. Others aren’t available in our area.
5. Upack (no relation to the Haul) has decent reviews, friendly people and a good price. I got a (relatively) cheap quote of $1740 from them. Then I saw their other money saving options and called to learn about them. 
Kent told me all about the “terminal 2 terminal” rate, the off peak days rate and the space saving rate. Not all of these go together, but at least a couple would save us some money. The best option is to pack super efficiently and only use 5 ft. Then have them deliver it to their terminal and we’d rent a truck in Austin and load it up there and move it to our place. This would cost us $1240. I say we do it. We’d still have to rent and reload a truck but it would be much cheaper and we wouldn’t have to drive cross half the country with the truck and a car on the back of it. 
Later, we realized that “terminal 2 terminal” meant we’d have to pack up a moving truck, drive to their location in Manassas, repack the shipping container and then do the opposite in Austin. We opted for the “delivery 2 terminal” option which means we’d have three days at the apartment to load it up, then have someone ship it to a location in Austin while we drive there at a leisurely pace and visit family on the way. It’s a $100 extra but oh so worth it if it means only carrying boxes three times instead of four.