Julia’s Wish List

For those of you who would like to know what I would love to get in care packages here is a permanent list. Any of these things would be so incredibly welcome and make me so grateful.

  1. Coffee. Ground. Any kind at all!
  2. Crystal Light drink mixes to mask the funky salt in my water
  3. Emergen C packets!
  4. Quinoa! I am pretty much vegan again in my village, due to the 3 hour ride it takes to get to a grocery store, and the higher cost of meat in Botswana, so I like to cook grains & such with high protein!
  5. Dried Fruit: peaches, mangoes, apricots, cherries! I love those bag mixes too!
  6. Ginger chews, dried ginger, ginger candy. Just ginger in general.
  7. Teas! Earl Grey, Eng Breakfast and herbal teas too! Green teas are my new best friend
  8. Spices! Cinnamon, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, chipotle, curry!
  9. Colored Pencils/Markers/Crayons! I like to have PeerLeaders Club make and decorate posters to put in the classrooms!
  10. Pictures/Postcards from home. I feel like this is the easiest, cheapest request and yet it seems to be the one most looked over. I like to put them on my bare cement walls so it feels more like home. (guilt trip eh?)

1 thought on “Julia’s Wish List”

  1. Sweet, Julia we know your wishes in Bostwana now, we will try to do it asap to fill your hunger for stuff from homeland.

    We got your letter, it is so sweet, we loved reading it loud, your words are full of fun and heaps of humors, which made us laugh out loud. I have to very thankful for the land I dwell right now, with such abundance of food.

    Of course I will send some photos too.

    Best Wishes,


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