About the Food Letters

Who we are:

Meredyth: I’m a blogger and newlywed in Austin, Texas. I love food, reading, NBC on Thursday nights, hiking, decor and saving money while making life lovely. I live with my husband, Ian and our dog, Penny Pie in our first apartment together. When not writing here or on my blog, engagingideas, I can be found working at Barnes & Noble and trying to figure out how to afford my wine tastes on moonshine liquor budgets.

Julia: I’m a recent college grad from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond who has made the leap into the Peace Corps in Botswana, Africa. The thoughts and opinions expressed in the blog are my own, they do not reflect the policies or opinions of the Peace Corps. While I’m adjusting to sleeping under a bug net, teaching children about HIV/AIDS and weighing babies at the clinic, I also enjoy hitchhiking to visit my other Peace Corps friends, reading and watching movies. Back in the US, I love drinking coffee and wine, hanging out with friends on the porch, and going on bike rides.

When we can’t communicate via email or phone Julia and I like to catch each other up on what we’ve been cooking, how we’re adjusting and what we love. These are the food letters.

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