My students brought my their food science project today. I’ve never had anything other than overly processed chewy marshmallows, straight from a bag. I didn’t even know you could make them at home. These are so much better!! I taste vanilla and powdered sugar and they are fluffy and have just the right amount of give when you bite in. It makes me really sad that we didn’t have a food science class. I think that might have been one science class I would have gotten As in.

I’d like to say I’ll never buy another of the store bought kind. Maybe after I microwave a s’more in the teacher lounge.

Later Do Not Microwave Homemade Marshmallows!!
They were not designed to withstand such abuse. They will melt into fluff, which, although delicious, does not yield very good s’mores.

Luckily, I had a spare marshmallow and made this untasted version, and it was yummy.