Dear Meredyth,

Let me start by asking if a phrase is alliteration if all the first sounds are the same but the letters are different? I certainly hope so because it’s my favorite form of rhyming, and I thought my title was pretty clever.

Enough about English grammar, I want to tell you about my good friend Kelly and her amazing life skills. Kelly is my neighbor in the Botswana sense of the word; she’s about two hours on the bus from my village in a town called Lobatse. It’s actually the closest town for me to buy my groceries. I know that sounds bad, two hours of travel for groceries, honestly sometimes it is; but it is actually a great escape the village and excuse to hang out with the wonderful Kelly. Not only is Kelly a fantastic cook, she just rules all around; I have a hunch that people from Minnesota are superb.

On these lovely nights that she graciously hosts me we listen to good music, we laugh instead of complain about the oddities in our lives in Botswana, we cook excellent food and eat outside on her porch under the stars; these nights are the best. Extra bonus of staying at Kelly’s is that she has running water, which means at least once a week I get squeaky clean.

The last time I came to visit it was a girls gathering of sorts, and we were more focused on catching up with each other than to trying out a new recipe. I never thought quiche was something you could just ‘whip up’. I always thought there were many steps involved, making a crust, making the filling, and baking for hours. Maybe this is because the last ‘quiche’ I attempted was a vegan quiche made with white beans and asparagus, it had good flavors but the prep/cook time was 2 hrs.

I was so very wrong. There are really just two steps involved in the prep:

Make the crust:

Bake the crust for a few minutes


Makes the fillings, we kept it simple and vegetarian, milk, eggs, spinach and cheese.


Pour filling into pre-baked crust, bake for 45-60mins or until set.


Pull it out, let it cool (or not) and enjoy this treat eating with good company, preferably out under the stars.

All my love,