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Dear Julia,

I admit it, I am the absolute worst. I have been so overwhelmed with school and swim that I’ve been leaving you hanging; adrift on a sea of blogosphere without me.

Only now, two weeks before Christmas have I posted pictures from Thanksgiving. But doesn’t it look yummy? It was. That right there is pumpkin cake and homemade caramel sauce. I got the recipe from a student who wants to be a baker. It’s yellow cake mixed with pumpkin filling! That is it! And I decided that it also needed caramel so somehow I actually made good caramel for once. Technically, that isn’t entirely accurate because I’ve made caramel before, but only rarely has it been as perfect as this time.

Form the holiday we went to a potluck at the house of one of Ian’s co workers and lots of other Apple people joined us. Naturally, everyone brought their dogs. For the most part this was fine, except someone brought a little bitch named Brie. She is a French bulldog who doesn’t like the attention Penny takes from her, so she starts fights. Penny is pretty easygoing until someone treats her rudely and then she fights back. After a few scuffles (including one where I got my finger bitten) we started putting them in “doggy jail”, a part of the backyard separated by a fence. Penny was the first one incarcerated and she stuck her head through the railing, looking at us with a goofy grin and a head cocked to the side because she didn’t understand why she was being kept away from us. So she slipped her slinky little self through the railing and came to join us. Brie wasn’t so capable, and so she stayed there to cool off, like a hockey player who gets five for fighting.

Dinner was delightful and fun. One of Ian’s coworkers, Ryan, had basically coordinated the whole day and he continued coordinating the arrangement and serving of food. It’s really nice when someone grows up and starts taking charge of getting things done, instead of not wanting to make a big deal, and hoping someone else will do it.

The whole day was pleasant, warm and full of good food and friends. It was a lovely thanksgiving in Austin.
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