Dear Meredyth,

The school year is officially over! I survived my first full school year at Molopo River CJSS. The last few weeks were difficult, really difficult. Some days I felt like Botswana was sucking the life right out of me. The sun tried to cook me alive; co-workers took delight in my failures; a group of evil students went on a mission to make me cry; my own stomach turned against me when it tried to torture me to death for two days. By the last week of school I was exhausted all over, inside and out. With the upcoming trip home for Christmas I’ve been thinking a lot about you and all the family and friends I will get to see, but even though it’s so close, it feels like forever away. I can’t wait to see you but I know that it will feel like our time together won’t be enough!

I knew I didn’t want to end the school year on a sour note, I wanted to feel good about my work and my community. I wanted something to lift up the spirits of the students and teachers at school, whether they wanted to get lifted or not! I decided that we would have a “Fun day” on the last day of school, in other words, Mandatory Fun Day.

I enlisted the help of students to organize the Fun day and come up with activities. Now, this is where things got weird. If you can believe it the club that restored my love for these kids, made me laugh, made me proud, made me wanna actually hang out with these kids, was the Scripture Union. Yup, the bible verse memorizing, hymnal singing, dramatic praying kids, they friggin rule.


Here they are singing like the little angels that they are.

They were so helpful too. They showed up when I asked them too, they came up with activities for the students, they cleaned the hall before the event, and best of all, they said “thank you”. The Fun day was a success, the students were happy and I forgot all about everything that sucks.


Best thing about kids in Botswana, they will do things even though they have no idea what I’m talking about. I just tied their legs together and said, Go!!

Image Boys vs. Girls.

Traditional Dance is my second favorite group of students. These girls ruleImage

This is the whole group in their awesome traditional outfits.


Other super cool thing about the kids here, they are absolutely gorgeous.


It’s been quite a year, all in all, the good weeks have outweighed the bad ones. I’m really happy for the break but I am looking forward to next year and more time with the kids. Weird, right?

Love always,