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These are some shots from Town Lake, where I like to take Penny for some free runs. It’s part dog park, running path and general green space right across from Austin’s downtown. I can run on the path while Penny sniffs and rolls in the reeds along the bank. When she remembers me, or I whistle for her, she circles back, greeting me with a gleefully goofy smile. Then she speeds past me to the next enticing scent. While she plays with the other dogs on the green space I do laps back and forth.

About a week ago I had a fever and cold, but was feeling better late on Saturday. I took Penny and my camera down there for some fresh air and beauty. It is one of my favorite places in Austin, and never fails to make me feel peaceful and excited to be in the center of the city but surrounded by so much natural beauty at the same time.

That’s Stevie Ray Vaughn‘s Statute.

If you turn away from the water this is the view you might see. I like this photo because the street lamps look like fairy lights. This is one of my favorite times of day. It’s dusk and beautiful, and much cooler. I like going running at this time of day, always have. I’ve been trying to carve out some running time in the evenings and this makes it much easier to convince my tired body to go.

This is a little farther down the river than the other shots above. I took it from the banks where all of the dogs congregate on huge submerged slabs of rock that are like steps into the water. Penny only walks on them, taking care not to get wet above her legs. The town hall crouches between two of the taller buildings in this shot, but you can’t quite see it.