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Along with the bread dough I’ve been kicking a$$ with, I made pizza dough too. I plan on making some more tomorrow and storing it for a delicious and quick dinner.

(The first time I made it I tried to proof the yeast first by pouring it into a bowl with some hot water but since I don’t have a good thermometer to check things like water temperature I screwed it up. Never wanting to throw out some hard work, I turned them into doggie treats. I slathered the rolled out, unleaven dough with some bacon fat that we keep in a jar like hillbillies and then twisted it into ropes that I then sliced into thick pieces. Penny loves them, but that’s not much of a surprise.)

As you can see, I’ve continued to bake our bread and even made a baby loaf using the gift SarahK gave us for a wedding present as a housewarming gift for our newest couple-friends, Amanda and Ryan, who had us over for Memorial Day. When she cut the bread she started eating it immediately and only then did she remember the butter she’d gotten out for it, which I took as a pretty massive compliment. She said she just couldn’t resist the taste of it.

They invited us over for a doggie & people playdate. They have a friendly French Bulldog named Harley and nicknamed Chunk. He and Penny played the whole time (except when they were begging for food) and then Penny destroyed four of his stuffed animals. Our new friends were cool about it, and said they were impressed at how fast she can tear things apart. They are truly nice people.

For our dinner I brought corn still in the husk, tomato mozz and basil salad and they supplied the steak and electric grill. We didn’t get home until 2 a.m., despite the fact that I had to be at the pre-school at 9 a.m. They just moved to Austin and Amanda and I are already planning Gilmore Girl marathons and discovery trips around town. I feel like I owe a thank you to my bread.