These are the (remains of) cupcakes I made for Ian’s birthday. The icing is from Magnolia Bakery and the only kind I’m making from now on! The cupcakes are adorned by the tickets we won at Pinballz Arcade. It’s full of old and new games and Ian plays Donkey Kong there.

Before we went to the Arcade we had lasagna and caesar salad with homemade dressing (thanks for at least one thing, Majestic Cafe!). I made the lasagna the night before and it was truly a beautiful thing made of pasta, meat and cheese. I found Ian eating it at four a.m. that night.

After they played their $20 in tokens everyone went over to the Draught House and hung outside drinking beer in the parking lot. That’s an acceptable thing to do at the Draught House and most nights people can be seen milling about on the patio, lining up out the door and chilling inside. If you want to smoke there are benches and ledges for your drink or ashtray. It ended up feeling a little like a high school gathering plus beer.

Penny joined us and did tricks only after we acquired a bag of Brew Biscuits, hand made doggy treats that can be purchased at the bar. Then, everyone went a little crazy and I had to confiscate them so that she wouldn’t be spoiled. Ian was the worst, he was so proud of our pretty girl that he kept getting her to shake, first one paw then the other. But really, everyone adored her and she made the rounds, meeting anyone who stopped to greet her. It was her first time there because of her confinement and we were so happy with her behavior.

I brought out the cupcakes and balanced them on someone’s trunk while we sang happy birthday and Ian blew out candles. It was a pretty magnificent 34th birthday.