As part of our cost cutting measures around here I decided to bake bread. I know it’s only a couple of dollars vs. a couple of hours but when you eat as much toast as I do, it starts to add up. Besides, I get nervous because of all the preservatives in the cheaper bread, but can’t really afford not to buy cheaply. So, I bought some yeast and more flour and have kneaded my way through six loaves already.

This photo is from my first set. The second one turned out even better and the third set was just okay (I think I got cocky). But, even though these buns aren’t as big as the ones that followed I was so damn proud of them that I had to share. I get really worried about baking bread because I’ve screwed up so many times. But, I just learned a really big secret that explains why my last few attempts at baking yeast bread were such failures: YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO REFRIGERATE THE YEAST! Or freeze it. Yeah. It says that right on the top of the jar’s lid but did I read it? No. Only when I pulled it out after measuring the flour and other dry ingredients did I see it in glaring red. But at least I am reassured that I’m not a failure at baking. Just a failure at reading directions well. But I already knew that.

Here are some focaccia loaves I made as well. They were delicious with olive oil.