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Lately I’ve been craving a chance to bake something pretty. I enjoy cooking and get a lot of satisfaction out of it when I get to take my time, experiment and savor the results, but baking pretty things makes my heart do a little song and dance.

For the past few holidays I’ve been baking treats and bringing them into work to share with everyone. Not only does it mean I don’t eat everything myself, but my co-workers enjoy it and I enjoy them. Also, they give me compliments, which I like.

Because Ian and I aren’t too big on the religious holidays, but I like holidays in general this is a way to acknowledge the day without too much fuss. In honor of Easter I decided to try cake pops, and naturally, they would be Easter eggs.

First I baked a white cake and mixed in cream cheese icing. The cream cheese really helped balance out the candy coating. While the cake was cooling I separated part of the icing and dyed it yellow so that I could make yolk centers for the eggs.

Once the cake balls were formed and stuck on sticks I refrigerated them overnight (mainly because it was late and I was super sick of icing).

The next day I got out my homemade sprinkles aka, dyed sugar, and other decorating treats. I started heating up the white candy and dipping in the cake balls. This is the one area I would definitely do differently next time. My plan was to use white icing and dye part of it to make colored eggs. It might have been simpler to buy colored candy melts (and LOTS of them) because firstly, the dye didn’t always turn out well and secondly, I didn’t have enough to make dunking the balls easy so the coating ended up lumpy and I ran out before I was finished. Not what I’d been envisioning.

Then the decorating began. Here are the end results (minus the many casualties). They were delicious, despite being very sugary. But, everyone loved them and said it was the best thing about the holiday for them. Success! Sort of.