It has rained for three consecutive days here, a feat that makes Austinites throw up their hands and cheer, and Gov. Rick Perry throw up his hands in victory, because his petition to God came true. Admittedly, it’s a little late for this cactus:

But we do indeed have rain. It was also the first really cold day here this winter, with temperatures in the high 40s. It’s nothing a nice fleece and a fast pace can’t handle, but unhappily, I did discover some holes in my everyday shoes because of the wet sidewalks.

I took a walk around my neighborhood, reveling in the light mists of rain, the cool air on my cheeks and the sight of leaves standing out agains the dark background of wetted tree trunks. A rain like this, light and soft in weather that is cool but not frigid does something to my heart. Everything is gilded and darks appear darker while bright colors stand out like flames. The sky is gray and soft like the down of a lamb, and I can’t get enough of everything. Perhaps it’s my ingrained love of Great Britain, and weather like this reminds me of my visit to Scotland around this time of year.