We went to IKEA after lunch with Steve and some new friends at Takoba. The place is pretty, and the patio very nice, but we left with a bad taste in our mouth. Not because of the food, which was alright but not fabulous. They were out of lemons so I couldn’t try the Pisco Sour which was supposed to be really good. And their salsa tasted like raw green peppers. I hate them raw. But that’s not their fault.
Really, the problem was in the service. Our waitress wasn’t rude, exactly, she just wasn’t very good or nice. As a former waitress I know what serving a group of nine is like. It can be a hassle when people join late, or are too busy talking to let you properly take care of the table. I am very cautious around those types of tables because I want to be present enough to do what’s necessary, but allow them to talk and hang out. But here’s the problems with the service we had:

  1. When Lena asked for a berry mojito the girl brought out a regular one and only then did they tell her they didn’t have berry mojitos anymore. So they made her a strawberry one. If you stop carrying a drink, you should probably know that and tell your customers.
  2. It took forever to get them to take our food order.
  3. Unless some people left early to get back to work, no dishes were removed after we finished eating. So we were hanging out and trying to tally up the bill while dodging puddles of salsa and bits of food.
  4. They don’t separate checks. Okay, you, the restaurant owner has decided not to allow this. Fine. No problem. But you have to contend with guests who pay part of their meal and then leave while others are there. You might want to consider bringing out a new bill showing what was paid for (including tax and tip if this has been included for a large party).
  5. The waitress “conveniently forgot” to tell us that some of our party had paid part of the included gratuity, and the manager tried to argue that what our early departing party members had left wasn’t part of the included gratuity, but rather, “just what they felt like leaving” so that the waitress would get an extra large tip because we would think that the six remaining people had to pay the whole gratuity for all nine of us. That kind of sly dishonest treatment is what will make me never want to go back.

Other than that, we had a good time. Ian and I met some of Lena’s friends and one of the other couples was also new. It was the first time we’ve hung out with other couples and I for one, really enjoyed it. It was awesome to go for a leisurely lunch on a Thursday afternoon with cool people.

Afterwards we headed to IKEA because I’ve been daydreaming about a dining room table. Specifically this one:

Instead, we bought a white rectangle table:

Even though I love the tulip-like one, I actually think this other one fits into our space better. We’ve pushed it against the bookshelf so that we have extra space, but we can pull it out when we have guests. We also bought two folding chairs that are nice enough to use everyday until we find some others we want more permanently. Then, the chairs will be used as extra seating.
And for now here’s the dining room:

 I am so happy to be enjoying meals at a table again. And eating my soft boiled egg with toast.