This is a statue of a pioneer woman outside the State Capitol of Texas. We saw it yesterday and I've been thinking about it for a while. I joke about our pioneer adventure but am slowly realizing just how real that is, and what a poor example of a pioneer woman I make.

We are in our extended stay hotel in Austin. We have little money for things other than rent and deposits and U-Haul trucks so we find free things to do that will educate us about our new home town, like visiting Zilker Park to find out what people do outdoors in Austin, or exploring the state capitol, which is like the one in Washington, only pinker. We eat PBandJs on white-like wheat bread and turkey with cheese, or in Ian’s case roast beef, salami and cheese on white bread. Icy Coke Zeros wash it down. Some mornings we even have sandwiches for breakfast.
We spend a whole day in bed.

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