We left home on Saturday and shed tears as we drove off, leaving our roommate Jay and Del Ray behind us. You’ll understand what I mean soon, as you realize that the familiar world around you will soon be gone, and everything in front of you is new and unfamiliar. It’s exciting and frightening at the same time.
We first drove to see family and everything felt normal, like we were just on a long road trip. We held Paige when she woke up happy and smiling at 1 a.m. and listened to Luke chat incoherently the next morning; we spun around in Robby’s go-cart and then the Model A; we sat through a black out with Ian’s parents and went out to a bar with one of his oldest friends.  Then, we departed from everything we know and continued to Texas. It rained heavily when we arrived in Birmingham where Ian’s parents have been living, rained all night and halfway through Mississippi, then it got gorgeous. We stopped in a town called Chunky to use the bathroom and made jokes about the town of Chunky being in the fattest state in the country. Crossing the Mississippi River I promised to read Huckleberry Finn. I began to understand why this river was Mark Twain’s muse. 
After about two days of eating fast food (including one day where we had Sonic by choice for lunch and then had it again for dinner because that was the only thing open where we stopped for the night) and constant driving we made it to Texas where we almost immediately went out for a drink at the Austin Draughthouse and met up with Steve and his girlfriend. Don’t confuse the Draughthouse with the Alamo Draft House which is also awesome, but involves movies and food and beer, whereas the Draughthouse just involves lots of beer.
Ever since then we’ve been hanging out in Austin, apartment searching and exploring.