Dear Meredyth,
One week from today I will move to Africa. One week left in Richmond. One week left in the United States. One week left to enjoy all the comforts of home and time spent with my closest friends. So far it’s been an odd week, I haven’t done much of my favorite things to do here in Richmond. Why you ask? Well for one, we have had thunderstorms all day everyday, usually this would not deter me from riding to my favorite haunts but the wind, rain, and lightning is actually pretty daunting. The other reason for the odd feelings this is week is that my absolute favorite restaurant (bar/venue/coffeeshop/hangout spot with all of my favorite people) Sprout, closed its doors forever on Saturday. On Sunday we had a really big Goodbye Sprout party featuring every Richmond band we could get on one stage in one night, buckets full of free PBR, and more friends than could actually fit in the small former restaurant. It was a really bittersweet night, but tons of fun and wild times.
On Labor Day I took Trasheigh out to another favorite restaurant, Ipanema, to treat her to her favorite sandwich and a huge slice of homemade Pear Berry pie. If that was not enough indulgence for one holiday we labored our way through Carytown to get frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog. Sweet Frog is actually kind of a creepy establishment, with huge fluorescent lights that illuminate bright the green and pink frog decorations, the ambiance is amplified by loud teen pop that can be heard three blocks in every direction.
Yeah, it does sounds like a weird version of Limited Too, a place no person should actually enter, and yeah FROG is an acronym for Fully Rely On God, which is even weirder, but let me tell you, the toppings bar makes one immediately forget all the reasons you previously had for boycotting such a place.
On Monday night, right before my sugar high wore off and the stomach ache began I had a great idea for an objective for the week. To drown away my sorrows/ postpone dealing with my fears about moving, I plan to sure my huge sweet tooth (which will probably be very sad when I live in Africa) all week. Last night after sushi with my old roomies we brought tons of stop candy like Reese’s wafer bars, Mallowbars, M&M’s pretzels, and Starburst and had an awesome stick fingered, cheap wine flowing girls night. Today, lunch at Sweet Frog with Will, dinner tonight with Dad and Sally at a new Middle Eastern place (not sure which one yet, but one with lots of Baklava). And to end the week right, also for the Big Ass Combo Party, I’m baking this cake, and I am super pumped. It’s a triple layer Almond Cake with Raspberry filling and Bittersweet whipped ganache frosting from Smitten Kitchen. Also, to satisfy those guests that are chocolate lovers (of which there will be many) I am making the best extra dark cocoa brownies.
I wish you could be here. I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip down south to Austin!
With all the love of chocolate,