Dear Julia, We are finally in Austin, Texas. I honestly don’t know what to tell you. I can see how that quote above might apply but I’m still in exploration mode, trying to suss out what I think of the place. Texas is endlessly interesting. There is so much to see and wonder about. It’s beautiful and rugged.

We drove around some neighborhoods today and decided we both really like Barton Springs and Hyde Park. There seem to be more “artsy” places in Barton Springs as well as the swimming spot  made famous in town, but Hyde Park is closer to UT and has more apartments so we’ll probably end up there. We’re going to go check out that swimming spot tomorrow.

I’m a little worried that we’ve sunken into a typical problem with moving to a brand new city.
A: We have only gotten to see the surface of the city. We’ve been to Sixth Street and are staying on Congress. There are some great places on here, but it’s almost too Austin. It’s as if these places cater to the tourist’s idea of what Austin might be. And it’s cool, I like it, but I wouldn’t want to live on these streets. So I get anxious that we’ve misjudged the city and all there is is bold colors, bright lights and hipsters.
OR, we have option B: We’ve over hyped ourselves on what Austin would be like, and how relaxing, friendly and great it will be. Now that we’re here Austin can’t possibly live up to an imagined wonderland and so I get disappointed as we drive around, always searching for a glimpse of that wonderland I’ve created in my mind.

In reality, both might be true. We might have overhyped it, but we also haven’t had time to really delve into the real Austin to know whether or not under the surface of hipsters and hippies this is a place we could love. We’ll keep looking, and I’ll keep that image of the wonderland safely tucked away.