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This is Canyon Lake, where we are spending the first three days of our honeymoon in Texas. We’re staying at the Canyon Lakeview Resort. We sit on the rocks and can only see a small portion of the lake, but even that feels like an ocean. There are white canyon cliffs that remind me of what you might see in the Mediterranean. I let the water lap my toes and imagine for a minute I am there, even though this place is also perfect.
All we can hear is the water and a speedboat’s drone. A breeze cools us off, even though the sun seems gentle on our arms. It’s amazing that 105 F feels so pleasant when the humidity is only half of what you’re used to.
We spent three hours here yesterday, and the water lapped away any stress of travel, wedding planning or anxiety over moving. It was almost like a massage of the soul. This morning we went back for two more hours and I brought the camera. I especially like this photo, where you can see my bright pink toes in the water and the scope of the sky and water. Look at the aquamarine tones of this water!

Here is Ian taking in the view from the balcony on our first night.

We’re staying in one of the apartments in the main part of the resort. The second floor apartments can be connected to the one on the ground below via a staircase. Since it’s just the two of us, our staircase is locked (though the kids below tried it out). It’s a nice option that the apartments can accommodate few or many.  The photo above is one of the cabins that can hold larger groups and has a hot tub. Hello, family vacations of the future!

All the rentals have a kitchen stocked with the basics and open onto a porch with tables, chairs and gas grills for each apartment. Ours also has a porch swing, as do a few of the others. The whole resort is a little like a campground on a beach. It is basic but so relaxing that even if the lake weren’t there we’d still feel the stress melt away. Even the deer put down their guard and allow themselves to be fed from the deer food the resort provides. We can’t wait to return in later years. Perhaps we’ll plan a getaway with the family for your return?