Dear Meredyth,
Summer time has officially arrived! I was late this year embracing all the wonderful things that summer has to offer, but now that I am done with school, I am ready to dive right in! This is the summer of change, for both of us! I can hardly believe that I actually graduated from college (I am finally catching up with you!), and I am currently baking your wedding cake! How can it be so thrilling, delicious, and slightly horrifying all at the same time? Change is a part of life, acceptance is a part of maturity. This summer I am turning over a new leaf, several actually.
First, after two years I have decided to stop being vegan. I know, right, but it’s a good change for me. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and evaluate yourself, rethink your opinions, what led you to your convictions, and what is keeping you there. For me, I loved begin vegan, but in the last six months I realized that my heart and body was not agreeing with it anymore. Also my persistence was due to a fear of failure, rather than a love for the life style.
Second, I am going to teach myself to sit still. The thing is, I love being busy and running around all day. I loathe the phrase “killing time”, I run on a tight internal schedule so I have no time to spare. This sense of urgency was good while I was in school, I always did my work, and I never did it all at the last minute. Unfortunately the down side of this is that I am always rushing, and I tend to rush any people I happen to be with, when there is no need. I am slowly realizing that there is a difference between laziness and taking time to appreciate stillness.
These two changes are baby steps that I hope will prepare me for the biggest change this summer, leaving the country and moving to Botswana.
Whoa, deep breaths; these are overnight life changes we are looking at. On a set date you’re life will be married, and I will get on a plane to Africa.We can do this marriage/ moving to Africa thing. I know it’s hard having that date looming in front of us, but if we just relax a little, and make sure that we appreciate this time we have before these big days.