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It's amazing that Benjamin Franklin's quote fits so well into our culture today. So many of us buy into this idea in our fast-paced world. I mean, just look at Madonna. The Material Woman (at 52 it's time to grow up) has had so many changes throughout her career it makes you wonder if Ben's quote is tattoo'd somewhere on her body. Not that I want to go looking for it.

Or, the technology world that fears it might lose relevancy if a new cell phone isn't birthed each month. 
But change can also be frightening. Perhaps that's one of the reasons we admire Madonna, because she fearlessly changes herself to fit whatever new model she wants while the rest of us cling to our ancient clothes, phones, cars and lives. Don't get me wrong, having an old phone or car is a smart ecological and economical decision when they work well and don't need replacing. But  just like it is occasionally necessary to trade in the car for a new one, it's sometimes necessary to change parts of our lives too. 

Right now I'm meditating on what all this change means, even as I'm excited and anxious about it. Why am I focused on change? 

An Upcoming Wedding

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