Hello! I know it’s only been a day since I had that awesome Coffee Cake French Toast strata at Sprout with you and the lovely JJ, but I miss you. And since things are slowing down on the school front and my cleanse diet has begun I thought I’d start blogging again. It’s been almost 6 months since I was on here and I’m so very sorry! Things have been very busy in my life for the last six months. I know you know what they are but I’m going to tell you anyway.

  1. Taught 12 credits (6 of which were scary hybrids)
  2. Worked (and am working) a second job
  3. Got engaged
  4. Started planning a wedding
  5. Got bed bugs and had to tear up the entire apartment

Now that I list them they don’t seem so huge but all together they were a lot for me to handle. Fortunately, the summer is beginning and school is ending so I have a little bit more time to cook. That has almost completely fallen off the radar to the point that I wander into the kitchen and don’t know what to do. My former love of throwing delicious food together has been flickering but I’m determined to bring it back. Your gift of Alice Waters’ In the Green Kitchen is definitely inspiring me. The simple recipes are great but so are the beautiful pictures of the people who inspire her in the kitchen. It’s put some passion back into me to delve into the world of food.

At the same time, I have begun my 28th year with a challenge: to complete the Quantum Wellness diet for 21 days. Maybe even longer if I can. What is this diet? Vegan, gluten- caffeine- and alcohol- free. Yes. I don’t know quite how I’ll manage but today was a pretty decent beginning.

Yesterday I celebrated the end of my birthday weekend and ate whatever I wanted. You know what I had, the coffee cake french toast, a champagne cocktail with vanilla liqueur soaked strawberries and then for dinner: ALL YOU CAN EAT CHINESE BUFFET in Fredericksburg. I know. I had 4 plates. When I go to a buffet I try to get very little portions of lots of different things. That seems to be the point of a buffet, no? It also makes me feel less like a potential obese person when I roll out. Although, when we were finished I had to get out of there fast because all the food was making me want to hurl up what I’d had. Despite this, it was actually a pretty decent buffet, with all you can eat sushi (but a paltry salad bar). So I finished my day off and resolutely began Monday without looking back.

Unfortunately, I read my final exam schedule wrong and had to dash out the door without breakfast and had only nuts, cranberries and green tea until I got home around 12ish. I stood my ground and past the Popeye’s with only a little sigh for their biscuit. I made it home and finished preparing my kashi and quinoa that had been left soaking on the stove when I ran for it. I cooked them quickly, tossed in some cinnamon and sugar and raspberries (which I love heated up!). It satisfied for a while.

A bit later I was dreaming of food again so I made a bean burger with quinoa and chickpeas and put it on a bed of greens with some dressing. Ian had some too. It was really tasty, if a little soggy (still trying to get the proportions right!) and I have some for later as well.

This isn’t my picture, but tomorrow I’ll start documenting it all! 

To curb my ache for something sweet I made some coconut milk rice with my frozen mango pieces. Technically, the diet is supposed to limit refined sugar and I’m pretty positive that confectioner’s sugar has been refined (just a little), but I’m using this sparingly and I feel like if I’m making it it’s much better than if I were to go downstairs and grab chocolate bars.

I think for my last meal I’ll go with some lovely sweet potatoes and that remaining bean burger.

And that’s all for me. How’s your day going?

p.s. I’m dreaming of that avocado fudge you told me about.