I have a well defined morning routine, I cook old fashioned oats with ground flax seeds and chopped apples while listening to NPR and sipping coffee. If one factor is missing or added (as in pesky roommate’s boyfriends talking) from this routine it really throws it off, or
straying too far out of my routine has adverse effects on the rest of my day. This morning I woke up and began my breakfast, the sounds on All Things Considered in my ears, when I went to pour 1/2 cup of oatmeal into the water it came up just short, a little too shallow in the measuring cup to pass, and I like a very full 1/2 cup. Panic and annoyance filled me. It is Sunday and all I want is my effing breakfast. I went in vain to the pantry to search for hidden oats, no dice. But a little mason jar of Quinoa on the shelf caught my eye and I found my solution! I stirred a tablespoon of quinoa into my oatmeal mix. It was the best idea I will have all day. Adding a great flavor and slight crunch to my oats; a healthy dose of protein makes it a great pre- workout breakfast. Warm grains and tart apples is the best comfort food on cold wintry mornings. Now only if I was sharing a cup of this with you over coffee and news, then it would truly be a perfect Sunday morning.