1. Brussels sprouts
2. Bacon
3. Brie
4. Biscuit dough
5. Beautiful

Those things made up my dinner a few nights back. I’d had dates sitting in the cupboard for far too long so one night  while Ian was working late I picked up some biscuit dough (ok, actually crescent dough but it doesn’t start with B).  I had already gotten brie from TJs and needed to use it up. I also had bacon. The combination of brie, bacon and dates is one of my all time favorites and I wanted to see what else I could do besides topping a cracker with it. May I present brie pot pie?

It’s a little ramekin that I put dough in to create a pie bottom. Then I filled it with bits of chopped up dates, brie and bacon. Finally I covered it with dough. It was delicious and so were the sprouts which were so crispy and lightly salted that I ate some of the leaves that had fallen off like they were chips.

For dessert I made some whipped cream in the small food processor and topped a TJ’s lava cake with it. Such a perfect, indulgent meal for one.