In case you wanted to know how to deconstruct a chicken Ennis will now demonstrate.

1. Take a whole chicken, remove the giblets bag.
2. Start with the legs. One thing I’ve learned is that you can’t be squeamish. You’re going to be dealing with bones, tendons and meat.

 3. Remember when you used to dislocate your shoulder playing volleyball? This part may bring back unpleasant memories. See rule 2.

 4.  Separate the leg from the thigh. There is a white tendon between them that works as a guiding line.

5. Cut along the breast bone, that ridge down the center of the chest. This is what produces the ubiquitous chicken breast. Leave the skin on to feel like a rebel.

6. Remove wings, like you did with the legs. You can actually fold them so that they stay in a knot when frying (See Part 2)

7. You now have chicken pieces from a whole chicken. You have also saved yourself some money, gotten bigger cuts and have remainders that can be turned into chicken stock. Congratulations!