Ian and I have been doing a lot of growing up recently. Not only did he buy a Dutch oven and start shopping at TJ’s, but we have also been doing a lot of cooking at home recently. We even had salad for dinner the other night. I know. Salad, that was it. It’s funny, salad isn’t something I eat often on its own. Sometimes I’ll order it at a restaurant but I rarely make it for an entire meal. I’m not sure exactly what it is. Perhaps it was cranberrry-blue cheese-vinaigrette exhaustion. I was really tired of my regular go to salad, but didn’t know what other kinds of salad to make. At least not one that I would love as much as that one. So we made a Cobb salad. I chopped everything. He sauteed the chicken thighs and made bacon. It was pretty delicious.

Here are pictures of our collaborative efforts (something that also makes me feel grown up these days).

Look at those tong handling skillz! And the Diesel button down.
The end results. With a glass of white wine, of course.
p.s. Did you know the phrase “salad days” meaning your youth was coined by Shakespeare? Aren’t you glad you have a (pending) M.A. of literature for a sister? Where else would you learn this stuff? School?