I thought you might like to see how you went about baking those “cookies” the other night. It’s funny, you say that as a baker you don’t like to improvise, and yet, when the recipe you found online DID NOT WORK AT ALL you did just that. Twice, to be exact.
Here you are, adding the baking soda. Can I just say that whenever I use baking soda I feel like a Victorian lady? Perhaps it’s because of the Victorian-era drawings on the side. 

Next up: Stir the bowl like a bad ass homemaker.

Please don’t forget the giant bottle of vanilla.

Oh no! Why isn’t this batter turning thick so that it can be dropped onto the cookie sheet? First improvisation coming up!

Adding ground oats in an attempt to thicken the plot. Nice use of the coffee grinder to make those large oats more manageable.

Unfortunately the oats don’t help much, despite the second round you add. On the plus side, there are now chocolate chips involved, which always improves the situation.

Final improvisation: turn chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies into chocolate chip-oatmeal muffins.