So, I know you were there for the latter half of Ian and Joe Cool’s cook off but let me tell you about the other parts you missed.
Joe cooked french toast, tilapia with some sort of spices, fruit salad heavy on the papaya.
Ian cooked a down home meal with bacon, TJ’s biscuits, home fries and eggs to order. Hard to compete but consensus is JOE WINS! A combination of tenacity, creativity with breakfast and the fact that Ian didn’t start until an hour after Joe means we have a winner. If only the rest were as easy to decide.
Ian started the pork in his slow cooker last night and even by breakfast the smell was delicious. About an hour before lunch he shredded it and added BBQ sauce then let it cook some more. This, combined with white bread and chips meant that the BBQ pork shined. It was delicious.
Joe wasn’t able to be there for lunch (he had to work) and so he made his food beforehand and tasked his sous chef Jay with putting it together. “Joe-potle” was beef chunks and beans in a sauce with bell pepper rice and cheese along with tortilla rounds. The beef was a little spicy and some condiments like guacamole, sour cream or tomatoes would have helped this meal. It’s hard to decide a winner but because of his investment in the pork I say Ian WINS!
Dinner: Here my memory of the meals gets hazy because there was A CASE of Chuck Shaw. Besides, I don’t think anyone could choose a winner. It was all good and the place was hopping with music, friends, food and drink. I do know that someone brought the remainder of their crabs from another party. Ian decided to eat all of them after his show and the party ended. So he set about it, along with some sloppy drunk kisses for me that were sweet, despite the fact that I was asleep. Surprisingly, he didn’t make it through all the crabs because once he finished this plate he realized there was an entire bagful still in the fridge.

Beware: this picture might trigger your allergy.