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I love that you accommodate m on the weekends. Not only do you share your bed, toiletries and sleepwear with me but also your pantry. Since I have not had a chance to go to the grocery store and I have slightly obnoxious dietary restrictions, I had to be resourceful. First I made a sauce, a bit of that yellow curry sauce with red pepper (of course) cayenne, curry season, and tumeric. I added some leftover baby bellas, red onion and frozen peas and let that thicken. We get around to cooking those TJ’s Vegetable Marsala Burger at friday’s BBQ, so I grilled one of those on the stove top. The fiery spices in the sauce were absorbed by the veggies sooo well. Each bite was like a punch of Indian deliciousness to the mouth. If I die tomorrow, keep the Hollandaise away, I want to be buried in curry.