So I am applying at this very nice restaurant, The Majestic, but I don’t think I’d take it if I got it because I can’t do the hours they want. But, I very much enjoyed filling out their application because it asks for my thoughts about different things. And as you know, I like giving my opinion. I thought I’d share my answers here, as we’ll never see this application again and it sort of sums up how I feel.
Your thoughts about:

  1. Food– is always on my mind. And its flavors on my tongue. Not only is it a necessity but also a pleasure that can bring people together.
  2. Wine– a great idea. Especially with food.
  3. Beer- much like wine, beer can be great with food, but it can also enhance social gatherings, much like food.
  4. Coffee– French press or espresso please! At the very least, quality, quality, quality!
  5. Tea– should not be made with water heated in a microwave. Is lovely, like coffee, and a great way to end a meal.