Not only was I successful this week in actually cooking an entire meal by myself, but I even managed to astound two devoted meat eaters (and by that I mean that they do not eat tofu, seitan, tempeh, or many vegetables) with my tofu veggies couscous. They ate their veggies, and asked for seconds! Stove tops, seasonings, and the burning points of oils usually escape me. I am baker. I use a formula or come up with my own formula that has rules and results that I understand. Cooking on the other hand is far too much guesswork for me, and by that I mean that I am totally not creative enough for all that. On Sunday evening I was at my dear friends T’s house, my usual haunt. We had just walked home from an afternoon spent playing exhausting games of volleyball at the local gay bar, which is how every post brunch sunday should be spent, and we needed food. Stat. Though I often treat the residents of T’s house with some of my baked specialties (stolen-banana Banana Bread, Five-finger discount Apple Crsip, and Sinfully Swirl Cupcakes) I wanted to feed these friends who oblige to have me over every night and never hesitate to share the Three Buck Chuck, so I vowed to cook dinner. T had prepressed and drained tofu in the fridge, baby ‘bellas and canned tomatoes. (we desperately need to make a TJ’s trip). I proved to be both innovative and resourceful. I squeezed the juice from the can of tomtoes and used that to cook couscous. I marinated the tofu in the leftover juice with some tarragon and, of course, cayenne pepper. I panfried the tofu with absolutely delicious sesame oil, and stirred in mushrooms, onions and garlic. When the couscous was light and fluffy and folded in tomatoes and more tarragon ( T’s garden is plentiful with tarragon).

I even plated it myself, you taught me well.