I’m not an entirely patient person, am I? I get frustrated when the toaster oven takes too long to brown my bread (like it’s doing now. I hate it.) I get frustrated when my internet is not responsive because I’ve overloaded it and when people make me wait. So, obviously I would be an ideal gardener. RIGHT? Sitting there, waiting for sprouts to spring up; waiting for it to arrive at maturity day after day, week after week. Obviously this is something I want to do. It’s not at all as dull as watching grass grow. Oh, wait. IT IS watching grass grow. Kinda. Except that this plant can season my pasta sauce, add deliciousness to mozzarella and fill in my salad mix.
For someone so impatient I actually think gardening is a great way to force patience onto people. It forces you to stop and smell the roses, that is, if you’re growing roses, which I’m not. Instead I’m growing arugula, tarragon, cilantro, basil, tomatoes and thyme. This is just the beginning. At least, I hope. See, I dream of having a garden like this one in my future (waay in my future) but to get there I need to master the actual art of growing stuff. I also dream of being able to pick my own vegetables. I think it’s so ridiculous that I have to buy this stuff at a store when I can just grow it on my own. But that is for a day when I can actually put out vegetable beds. For now I’ll stick with my little pots and maybe some mushroom logs