Hey, so dinner last night was delicious. And fun. I am so glad that Brian and Maria made it over. Apparently it was really close for them so I think we’ll be seeing them more often. Anyway, Brian cooked the turkey burgers for me, saying “If I don’t cook at least once a day I feel like something’s missing” and Maria cut up strawberries for the strawberry shortcakes. I love having guests who don’t mind pitching in. It’s so much more jolly that way. Ennis showed up after work and brought beer. Maria brought two bottles of a rose wine that disappeared too quickly. I think you got a small taste of it, didn’t you? The whole time was great, I hope you’ll agree. I like both of them individually and together, a feat many couples cannot achieve.

Well, I didn’t write this post to recount a dinner you made it to (albeit late). What I actually wanted to write about was my lunch of left over turkey burger today. I topped it with the bleu cheese slices I got from TJ’s, artichokes, black olives and sauteed onions. Please, let me tell you, I liked last night’s burger but this one was ten times better. In the turkey I used a garlic aioli as the binder for the burger and this really kept it moist. I learned the secret from an Epicurious recipe. It was the same aioli I served with the sweet potato fries. I thought it was too garlicky but no one seemed to agree. Thank goodness.

I think I might throw a end of the semester/birthday party and we’ll continue this turkey burger discussion then.