So, the Mounds candies I made for the Easter Feaster turned out pretty well. Now I’m thinking of other delicious possibilities. For instance, I still have some of those chocolate melts and I also have raspberry preserves. Or, I have marshmallows. Or dark chocolate powder that can be turned into syrup. Oh man. I’m going to make it now! Screw the paper! I’ve got seven pages written, I can stop here and focus on my true love– chocolate truffles.
And now I’m a candy mold convert. You want to know how easy the candy was to make?

  1. Melt the chocolate- you want to be careful with it so it doesn’t get burned. I just followed the directions on the bag. 
  2. Pour a little bit into the molds and use a paintbrush to bring up the chocolate on the sides. 
  3. Let it chill in the fridge (5 minutes! That’s it!)
  4. Pour in the filling
  5. Top off with chocolate and let it chill again.

The only problem I had with the molds is that sometimes the chocolate doesn’t bond with the top and then they fall apart. I think it happened because the first layer chilled too quickly. But the others seem fine, so we’ll see if more practice solves the problem.