Not the acronym. Just kidding. What I really wanted to talk about was the actual grits. Last night Ennis ordered grits at Waffle House and you know how I feel about them. I’m generally not a fan. The only time I am a fan is when they’re salty and topped with things like cheese or bacon. I mentioned Peas‘ delicious shrimp, bacon and cheese grits, which she made years ago. It was the only time I couldn’t stop eating them. Probably because of the shrimp and bacon. I know you can’t eat shrimp but please try to imagine what it’s like.
Now imagine how excited I got when I discovered that Matchbox has an appetizer of shrimp. Bacon. Grits.  Naturally I got it. Then I sent a picture of it to Ennis to show him exactly what I meant when I described the ONLY way grits are delicious. And they were.