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1. I just discovered my roommate has a bread maker. Fresh bread here I come! Once I figure out how the thing works.

2. I’m writing a paper on Proust’s use of food. Combining two of my favorite things (food+books) is smart!
3. Can’t wait for Thanksgiving! I’m making pumpkin baklava and two kinds of mashed sweet potatoes. One with marshmallows because my dad can’t go without and one with candied pecans for the grown ups.
4. May have mastered polenta.
5. Suckered Julia into making bread for me today (this was before we discovered the bread maker)
6. It’s leftovers week, thankfully I have some delicious leftovers, which will be complimented by beans and rice.
7. Next time I cook for Ian I want to make duck. Julie from Julie/Julia recommends it.