Baking newbie mishap.

I confused baking powder with baking soda. Yes. This is actually the first time such a thing has happened in my kitchen, and since I am just baking because I was dying for some butterscotch chip cookies and not for any specific reason I am treating it as a curious and surprising phenomena, rather than the tragedy it would obviously be otherwise. Now I have about 24 butterscotch chip cookies that are the exact same shape as when I dropped them onto the cookie sheet. For any of you who has not made this mix up, I just figured out what soda does and what powder does. You would think, you would, that they pretty much do similar things. But no. Apparently baking soda allows them to start that lovely spreading process that usually results in my cookies becoming conjoined at the side. And baking powder? I guess it helps them get a cake like consistency?
The benefit is that they aren’t too bad. They aren’t great. They’re more like 2/3 of what they should be. But at least they’re edible. Which is more than I can say for the dry, cracker like sugar cookies I made the other day. This baking business is serious stuff. I’m going to have to BRING IT.