Whew. Maybe it’s just the fall season (which means THANKSGIVING!) or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve got more free time and $$ but I’ve been cooking like crazy
This weekend I made
1) Chicken curry with coconut that was exactly what I’d been dreaming of (ok, so I let the quinoa get too mushy)
2) Chocolate chip cookies, that I proceeded to snack on for the rest of the weekend.
And I watched a lot of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (it counts!).
Tonight (while continuing the Kitchen Nightmares) I made
Acorn squash soup. It had coconut milk in it (sorry Austin, it was great)
Roasted chicken. It was delicious, but while cutting into it, some of the hot juice squirted and hit me right up the nose. FUCK that hurt!
Lastly, I made sugar cookies with chocolate sandwiched between them.
I plan to drop some of these off at my office tomorrow and for them to love me from tomorrow on. It will work. I promise.
Now, I’m going to go to bed and sleep off some of the Table Red I procured for tonight’s dinner.
Fuck, my boyfriend will love these cookies when he tries some.