Hello to the few of you still around. I’d be surprised if you were. But to be honest (for once) it’s been a busy few months. Despite being unemployed for part of the summer I did not spend my days in bed, luxuriating in my freedom. Well, maybe a little. Mostly though, I have spent the past couple of months saving every little penny I had and worrying over the ones I couldn’t keep. My former job was kind enough to withhold my last two paychecks because I hadn’t slaved away for a year in order to repay them for the semester of classes they were kind enough to pay for. And then they sent a bill for the remaining $36. That is the last reason on a very long list of why I will never, never work for a corporation again.

Fortunately for me, I’ve been living with my sister and brother-in-law, not on the streets, as I would have been without them. But, because I’ve been so poor I haven’t been cooking very much. And I haven’t been feeling like blogging for awhile. I don’t know why.
Perhaps it’s because I’ve been too busy dating an exceptionally sweet man? A man who was kind enough to realize I couldn’t think about food with him hovering over my shoulder when we went to the grocery store and volunteered to disappear for a while so I could contemplate what to make him. And also, kind enough to pay for everything, including a lovely bottle of wine, which (despite not really liking wine) he drank with me while we ate my meal.
And what did I cook? After getting the recipe from A. I prepared a pork loin stuffed with green apples (Julia will tell you I put them in everything but it was A.’s recipe!) basil, and garlic, rubbed with salt, pepper and olive oil. Along with that we had sauteed spinach with (more) apples, currants, sauteed garlic and lemon juice. Did you know I first discovered that salad at Macaroni Grill of all places? And then they discontinued it. So I learned how to make it myself.
For dessert– oh, that was my favorite part. I get a little giddy talking about it. I roasted peaches with a little cinnamon and brown sugar. And as if that weren’t good enough I added Hagen Daas Vanilla Bean ice cream. At one point he was talking and I had to stop him. There wasn’t enough room in my life to hear what he was saying while those flavors were in my mouth. I don’t think he minded too much because now he’s my boyfriend.