After reading an article in The New York Times about cheap cuts of meat getting dressed up in restaurants I’ve been a little curious about trying my hand at my own cheap meats. I mean, have you heard about this economy business? But because I’ve been avoiding meat in general, cheap or otherwise, (because of this article) I’ve only gotten around to it now. And because my mother has been eager to clean out the freezer we tried to use at least one thing from there too. The result was quite good if I may say so. Here you can see me in my magazine cover pose. Please ignore the fact that no magazine would actually allow the cutoff jeans. We painted the kitchen all day, which really, just makes the fact that I put out this spread even more impressive, given the state of the kitchen.

The meal you see there consists of marinated beef and lamb in red wine with tarragon, shallots, garlic, salt and pepper. Roasted potatoes with a little parmigiano. Spinach and onion soup. Despite the heat it was quite nice. My mom wanted onion soup for some reason, and as the spinach came from the freezer that counts. The potatoes and onions were ready to be used too. So in reality we actually used three things that needed to be consumed; spinach, onions and potatoes. Plus that really cheap meat.
*Not the same Lamb, I realize, but did you want to read some quotes about the Lamb of God instead? Because that’s all I get when it comes to ‘lamb quotes’ on google.