Currently my day looks like this: wake up (usually late), hurry through a shower, dress, prepare my bag to leave, go to kitchen, fantasize that someone has already made coffee, try to decide what will fill me up for the longest and what I have time to eat for breakfast, sit in traffic for an hour to get to class. Sit in class from 9:30 am to 11:20 without a long enough break to get more coffee or a snack, sit in traffic for an hour to get to work, arrive starving. Realize I have a) left my lunch at home b) packed yogurt with fruit and let it sit in a hot car c) brought a salad that I now hate. Decide wether to eat the salad or go to one of three options in the office building for lunch. Suffer through the five o’clock hour wondering how badly my mood will suffer in the hour it takes me to get home. Arrive home around 7:30 starving, frustrated, hot and tired. Snack on something to alleviate the hunger growling in my stomach. Relax from work and then realize that I have either filled up on snacks or am too tired to contemplate preparing actual food. Forget to go to the grocery store to prevent a repeat of gross salads.

I honestly have no idea how people work and have children. I would be the angriest person ever, always tired, strung out on coffee and hungry. And because I’d be so busy my children would probably be eating junk food, displaying ADHD tendencies while screaming at me from the hallway and I would feel incredibly guilty. Ok, perhaps that is a slight exaggeration. I hope. But the point of my hyperbole isn’t to complain about how busy I am. It’s to ask what you very busy individuals do in order to have a decent meal at home these days. What tricks do you rely on? What do you wish you had more time to do, food wise?