This is the conversation* I had while baking the above cookies with a friend who always leaves me laughing.  This time our topic was the political power of cookies, something I can totally get behind.

me: These cookies** are so delicious they could make my brother convert back to not being conservative.

 mike: If only those cookies were part of a larger liberal plan to better society. I guess Obama could lend support to your leftist cookies program.
 me: They are whole wheat oatsmike: The whole wheat oats of the worker.
 me: That’s right. Now if only they were also organic and solar powered
 mike: And the common property of all citizens, and secular. These are secular cookies, right?
 me: And want equal rights for marriage.
 mike: Taste better than my friends’ libertarian cookies, which refuse to adhere to any federally mandated recipe for cookies. Recipes vary from state to state, and the pan they are cooked on is privately owned and operated.
 me: I just realized I could have substituted the organic almond butter I have for the Jiffy peanut butter I used. Wendy says almonds are gayer than peanuts anyway.
 mike: Oh totally, which is why I never eat them.
 me:  Libertarian cookies.
 mike: Anarchist cookies never get baked.
 me: But liberal ones from Humboldt do.
  In Tennessee they just fry them in crystal meth. 
mike: In tennesee, bakin’ cookies is holler slang for smoking meth.
 me: Who would have known there was so much humor to be found in cookies?mike: Jim Henson.

*edited for grammar and clarity. Also, to make me look smart.
** I don’t use Pet milk. Just regular. And as stated, you could use whole wheat oats. Try the almond and let me know if it works.