Brussels sprouts. The bane of my childhood dinner plate. I cannot even rely on words to describe how much I hated them as a child. Their slimy texture and smell like bad B.O. turned me off for life. Not even a former executive chef’s expressions of love for them could make me want to give them another try. They were relegated to forced bites while holding my nose before I could leave the table. And yet… 

That right there is a bowl of sauteed brussels sprouts. Sauteed with some garlic, onions and butter then topped with chopped almonds instead of the pecans. Thank you fresh brussels sprouts. You changed my life. These electric green leaves and the tender, buttery flavors are a new favorite. Thank goodness I still have half a bag from TJ’s

And this: 
Quinoa, sauteed brussels sprouts, grilled sausage and figs on a buttermilk biscuit. And a daisy. That’s how I do down home cooking. It feels good to be back doesn’t it?