Get it? 

What better way to celebrate Pi day yesterday than having a dinner of Shepherd’s pie followed by blueberry pie for dessert? 

The shepherd’s pie was really easy and delicious. I’ve never had it before, always assuming it was one of the reasons England used to have a bad reputation for cuisine, but I have changed my mind and will now be ordering it at every pseudo-British pub I frequent from now on. It was also a great way for me to use up some leftover vegetables. I chopped up some parsnips, onions, cabbage and defrosted some peas, let them steam and then added them to the browned (fake) ground beef I had. Adding some herbs and spices like ground pepper, thyme and rosemary really brought the ingredients to life. After pouring them into a casserole pan I spread mashed potatoes over them. I made the mashed potatoes from a box because, as Lynn Rosetto Caspar says, why make more work for yourself when these are just as good? I added extra milk and water to make sure they were spreadable enough, and then topped it with parmesan cheese. 
The blueberry pie and crust I made following a buttermilk crust recipe and blueberry pie filling from the Betty Crocker cookbook. 
We ate with red wine and then dined on blueberry pie while watching The Science of Sleep, which really was like a dream. I loved it. My only disappointment was that my own dreams didn’t match up with Gael Garcia Bernal’s. And he didn’t visit them.